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Everything for animal health!

Hey, welcome to our Animal Health and Responsibility category! This is all about a mega cooperation between us and @allesfuerdietiergesundheit . Together we are committed to shining a spotlight on the problem of cruel farming and ending the suffering of animals.

"Hey, I'm Nane, a passionate veterinarian, and I can tell you firsthand how painful and sad life can be for many short-headed breeds, also known as brachycephalians. But hey, we won't let that get us down! It's It is in our hands to put an end to this suffering. If pain, deformities and other health problems are simply ignored when breeding animals just because it is financially lucrative, then we are talking about torture breeding. But we have made the firm decision to stop this to combat questionable practices and put the welfare of animals first."

Our design, developed together with Nane, is a true statement that highlights the urgency of addressing this situation. Every detail has been carefully chosen to illustrate the full scope of this problem. And the best thing about it: For every piece sold, we plant a tree with “One Tree Planted” or donate part of the proceeds to “vier Pfoten”. This means that you not only get a great piece of clothing that was made with love and responsibility, but you also actively contribute to protecting our environment and making the planet greener.

Of course, in this category we also offer you the proven quality of Thanx for Nothing. Our textiles are made from vegan materials and are produced sustainably and fairly. We firmly believe that fashion and responsibility can go hand in hand.

So grab a cool item from this category and be part of our mission for animal health, responsibility and a green planet! At Thanx for Nothing we are committed to a world in which animals can live without cruel breeding.

Thanx for Nothing - For animal health, responsibility and a green planet!