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This is what Thanx for Nothing means

In January 2023, the small Hamburg brand "Thanx for Nothing" was founded with the vision of showing that sustainable, fairly produced and vegan fashion can be perfectly combined with a variety of theme-based designs to make a statement. Our core concern is sustainability, but beyond that we actively strive to give back. Here in Hamburg we print our textiles with passion to convey not only style, but also a message.

It's not always about profit

Out of deep conviction, we have decided that every piece sold should make a valuable contribution to shaping our world positively. Through close collaborations with various organizations, unique designs were created that not only represent style, but also carry a message. In recognition of the tireless efforts of these organizations and as a contribution to promoting our shared values, we donate a portion of the profits.

People say “Moin” where we produce

The sibling duo

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- Nicky -

Nicki is the friendly and bright creature and is always up for a good rhyme. She is constantly looking for the perfect result and is therefore the perfect person for the position of “Ideas Wizard and Print Queen”. She is the hard-working part behind the scenes who plans everything with a lot of love, care and the slight madness of perfection and makes sure that your designs are always in the right position. Nicki is our constantly slightly sugary shaggy head. Her creative character is an inspiration to us all. She is an important part of our team and we know we can always count on her.

- Marco -

The man who can do everything. MARCO is simply a doer. He has high expectations of himself and the team. He inspires with his ideas, is mostly reflective, "realistic" and resolute. He can be really clever and charming and is just a cool guy. He always has an open heart, is organized and extremely optimistic. Here with us he is the mastermind and is responsible for everything relating to the organization and the brand.