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Friends of


Whale & Dolphin Conservation

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) is the world's leading
Organization dedicated exclusively to the protection of whales and dolphins
whose habitat has prescribed. WDC was founded in England in 1987 and has
Offices in Germany, Scotland, the USA, Australia and Argentina.

Their vision is a world where all whales and dolphins are in
Live freedom and security. They try to do this through protection projects
campaigns, lobbying, scientific advice, field research and
to achieve educational work. They want people for dolphins and whales
inspire and thus initiate global measures to protect them

We THANX FOR NOTHING support the Whale and Dolphin
Conservation with a sponsorship for the Orcadame UMA. And not
just that. We have come up with a design for this topic that will help you
You can support the work of the WDC because we donate part of the profits to them

WDC's tireless work to protect these wonderful creatures
can be expanded.

More information at www.whales.org