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Here are a few care tips for you so that your clothes last a long time and always look fresh.
1. Your clothes are gender neutral, so anyone can wash them
2. Important, take it off before you wash it
3. Always turn it before washing - turn inside out
4. Set the washing machine to 30°
5. Please do not dry over fire. In general, keep away from fire.
6. Please don't throw the good piece in the dryer, your design doesn't like that and it looks like me when I get up in the morning
7. Ironing is ok but only on level one and turned inside out
8. If you are unsure, ask Mum or Google, both of whom will be happy to help you
9. Alternatively, you can take the part to the dry cleaners, but it costs money

There are other tips such as do not bleach, do not dry clean, and best wash with clothes of the same color. But we have also attached the symbols below for you in case someone is too lazy to read, doesn't want to or can't.